Our Institute

I-PAD Technologies started with a great ambition to embark in the IT industry and succeed at any cost. The objective was to provide unique, cost-effective and powerful solutions in business management, manufacturing processes, defense research and allied fields. The objective has been fulfilled to large extent and today the company is poised for major developments in the high-end technological domains. The company is currently planning to launch a major research center, which will form the backbone of the various development activities by transferring high-end technologies. The company is also engaged in parallel, in providing high-quality training and experience to the engineering student community.

The students not only benefit from finely chiseled course curriculum, but also from the practical experience gained through the development center. In order to realise these end-results, the company is supported by domain expects with strong technical background and rich industrial experience.

The development activities may broadly summarised under the following heads:

  • Turnkey solutions in business management
  • Process Automation solutions to manufacturing companies
  • Flexible and Intelligent Manufacturing Systems, vision-based Robots
  • High-end Technological Solutions to Defense & Aerospace Industry
  • In-house development of microprocessor-based products
  • Web Based Applications using J2EE and .Net Technologies
  • High-end Software development using leading technologies in different domains
  • The company provides a close-knit, sleeves rolled-up atmosphere throughout, rather than a flat hierarchy. The company allows employees to customise benefit programs and provide flexible time-off policy.